Commerce My Spending Card is a prepaid reloadable debit card that keeps you in charge of your finance. The card is great for young families shopping at a grocery store. Which makes it a perfect way to make cashless payments.

mySpending Card is a commerce bank Debit card. However, the prepaid reloadable card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Which makes it best for budgeting.

Commerce My Spending Card

With myspendingcard from commerce bank, Cardholders can stay on top of their spending. There are so many ways to pay after making your online shopping. However, get more from your mySpending with the spend card

Do you know you can use commerce bank mySpending Card® as a modern update to your child’s allowance?  Only the funds you load onto the card can be accessed. And while your child begins their financial journey, you can monitor the spend card balances and transactions with available alerts. Also, reloading or adding funds is as easy as making a transfer from your Commerce Bank checking account.

Commercebank.com Myspendingcard

Cardholders can balance their “Fun Funds” and their “Bill Funds” with the mySpending Card. Also, add the mySpending Card to your mobile wallet for daily purchases for a faster way to pay.

Furthermore, the visa spending card features security protections such as Visa Zero Liability if the card is lost or stolen. Spending card holders get text Alerts to track transactions.

Myspending Card Application

Applying for commerce spend card is very easy and fast. You can get your Commerce bank prepaid debit card online or get your prepaid debit card instantly at a participating Commerce Bank Branch.

Take note; Only current Commerce Bank customers are eligible for this spend card. For you to apply, you will be asked to provide information about your existing Commerce Bank. However, for non-Commerce Bank customers please visit Commerce bank’s local branch to open a card.

How to Order for Commerce Debit Card Online

To order the spending card online, do the following;

  • Visit Commerce Bank website at https://www.commercebank.com/personal/bank/checking/myspending-card
  • Tap on Order Card
  • Select Get A Card
  • Tap on the Continue widget
  • Provide the following info;
    First Name
    Select Phone Type
    Date of Birth
    Email Address
    Select State/Province
    Enter postal code
  • Complete the remaining info
  • Tap on the Continue widget

These are steps to apply for commerce bank debit card (Myspending Card).

How to Activate Myspendingcard

To activate your new commerce spending card, do this;

Alternatively, call the phone number on the back of your card.

How to Sign Up for Commerce Bank Spending Card Account

To create your spend debit card online banking account, do this

Follow the prompts to create your username and password

Myspending Card Commerce Bank Login

Do you want to reload your spend card, or do you want to check your myspend card balance online? If yes, then you need to log into the portal. You will not only reload or check the balance on your card, but you can also track transactions pay bills, and more.

How to Login to my Spending Debit Card Account

To access your spending card commerce bank account, do this

After logging in you can now manage your account. Now you can pay your bills, check your spend card balance, track transactions etc.

How to Reload your Spending Card Commerce Bank

To reload your spend card is easy, once you follow the proper login steps. Here are the steps,

You can now reload your card

Commerce Bank Customer Service

Contact the customer service representative for more help and support. Here are steps to get the customer care phone number online

Another way to get the support phone number is by checking your spending card.

How to Find Closest Commerce Bank Branch

If you have any query or issue concerning Commerce Bank debit Card Prepaid, you can visit their branch. Or maybe you want to apply for the card in-store, follow the steps below to find the nearest branch;

These are steps to find the nearest commerce bank.

What is a mySpending card?

Myspending Card is a prepaid reloadable debit card offered by Commerce Bank. The card is designed for Commerce Bank customers.

How do I check the balance on my Commerce Bank card?

You can check your balance online at www.commercebank.com/mySpendingcard or by calling Commerce Bank customer service.

Does Commerce Bank have debit cards?

Yes, commerce bank has debit cards. Your Commerce Bank Visa® Debit Card offers a safe and easy way to pay for anything, no matter how small.

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