100+ USA Truck Driver Jobs With VISA Sponsorship Hiring Now!!

Free USA Visa Truck Driver Jobs Sponsorship? Are you an experienced truck driver with a dream of driving a truck in the United States of America? This article will be very helpful to you.

Foreign truck drivers seeking to Immigrate to the US, have to follow US work Immigration procedures to stand a chance of moving to the country.

However, in this post, you will discover what it takes to get a free US visa truck driving job in a reputable trucking company in the US.  Apart from that, you will also learn the type of work visa for foreign truck drivers in the US, find out the truck driving job description, and lots more.

Free USA Visa Truck Driver Jobs

In the United States, there are a lot of trucking companies hiring foreign drivers, and offering free US visa Sponsorship. The Truck driver sponsorship USA program enables US Employers to sponsor free US visas for Foreign Workers.

That is to say, in order to get a US free visa Sponsorship for truck drivers, you will need to find trucking companies that sponsor immigrants or trucking companies that sponsor work visas.

However,  before I proceed, I will like to provide a short explanation of the truck driver’s job description, Skills, Responsibilities, and qualifications.

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Who is a Truck Driver in the US?

A truck driver is also known as a lorry driver, someone who transports goods from one location to another, using a heavy tractor-trailer truck. To be a successful truck driver in the US, there are basic skills you should have.

100+ USA Truck Driver Jobs With VISA Sponsorship Hiring Now!!
100+ USA Truck Driver Jobs With VISA Sponsorship Hiring Now!!

Basic Skills Requirements for Truck Driver In USA

Here is a list of qualities a good truck driver should possess;

  • Be able to operate and drive straight or articulated trucks for the transportation of goods and supplies.
  • Able to load Cargo and unload and also able to guarantee cargo safety and security
  • The driver must be able to plan trip routes and schedules.
  • Know how to use atlases and other planning tools to help you plan your journey.
  • Know how to check the vehicle’s condition and inspect the tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other equipment.
  • Must be able to receive information and relay it to the central dispatcher.
  • Truck drivers must be able to drive in a convoy or as part of a two-person squad.

These are some of the of a good trucking driver.

Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs in USA with VISA Sponsorship

These are the requirements for a truck driving job in the United States;

  • The candidate must have truck driving experience.
  • The candidate must be over 21 years old.
  • The candidate must have a legal and commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • If You are transporting hazardous items, You should have a hazardous materials endorsement.
  • You should have knowledge of the federal laws and regulations governing interstate truck driving during these classes.

These are some of the requirements you need for a US truck driving job with free visa sponsorship.

Truck Driver Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Getting a free visa Sponsorship has been one of the dreams of Foreigners who want to move to the US as an employee. However, the USA Government offers an employment or work visa Sponsorship program.

A visa program or category that enables an employer to file a Petition on the behalf of its potential employee at the USCIS office, after issuing an appointment letter to the potential employee.

Find out how to get a truck Driving Job With Visa Sponsorship 2022, in the section below.

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How to Get Free Visa Truck Driver Jobs in USA for Foreigners

To get a US truck driving job that offers a free US visa, here are the steps to take;

  • Prepare a quality Curriculum Vitae (CV) and application letter
  • Go to any US jobs website
  • Search for the truck driver job you want to apply for

Ensure that you are applying for the job that suits your qualifications.

How to Apply for Free US Visa Truck Driver Jobs 2022

There are a lot of online platforms that allow employers to post job vacancies in their companies. From the online portal, you can find Jobs in USA for foreigners with visa sponsorship. So, to find available driver jobs in USA go to

  • Visit indeed.com job website at indeedcom
  • Find the US trucking driver job that suits your qualifications
  • Fill in the application form and submit all necessary documents.
  • You will be invited for an online interview
  • If the Employer is satisfied with your performance and credentials, you will receive a job offer
  • Next, your employer will have to visit USCIS office to file a visa Sponsorship petition for you

After the Employer files a petition on your behalf, exercise patience, you will hear from the employer on when and how to begin the US visa application. Also, the Employer will also enlighten you on the type of US work visa to apply for.

H2b visa truck driver jobs With Sponsorship

For you to become a truck driver in the US, there is a particular visa you will need to go for, which is the H-2B visa. The US H-2B visa is a visa category in the US that allow temporary or seasonal truck driver jobs.  The question now is how does one get the H1B Visa for Foreign truck drivers?

As a foreigner, before you can start applying for an H1b visa for truck drivers, the candidate must, first of all, have a job offer from US citizen Employer in the US. And also, the potential employer will have to file a petition, after that, the employee can apply for the H2b visa for the truck driver.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Truck Driving Jobs For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship

Beneath are some benefits of working as a truck driver in the USA;

  • A good means to earn a living
  • Truck drivers get a good pay or salary.
  • Some us truck driving companies offer extra benefits that are separate from Your salary.
  • The truck driving company in us sponsors foreign workers’ visas. That is to say, you will get a free US work visa.
  • The trucking driver job doesn’t require any degree
  • Drivers can easily get US Permanent Resident (green card)

These are the benefits of working in US as a foreign truck driver.

US Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners – All you need to know        

For USA-sponsored visa jobs, the visa sponsor is required to submit a petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Before the candidate proceeds to apply for a US work visa.

However, there are different types of visa sponsorships, and it is based on the type of sponsor you have. This includes Financial Sponsorship, family immigration Sponsorship, and Employment-based Sponsorship.

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Financial visa Sponsorship is when your travel expenses are covered by an individual or organization. While, Family Immigration Sponsorship is when you are being sponsored by a parent, relative, or any other family member. And lastly, employment-based Sponsorship – this happens when a US Employer offers jobs to a foreigner, and then sponsors the foreigner’s US visa, to enable the employee to move to the US.

What Are the Types of US Visas for Work?

Work visas in the US are divided into two major categories; Immigrant visas and Non-Immigrant visas.

The Immigrant Visa is also known as the Permanent Green card. With the Immigrant visa, a foreigner can leave permanently in the US.

Here are examples of Immigrant visas; the EB-1 Visa, EB-2 visa, EB-3 visa, EB-4 visa, and lots more.

The NonImmigrant type of visa is a temporary US visa. It has an expiry date. And once the visa expires the non-immigrant visa holder is expected to return to his/her country.

Here are the examples of this visa; the H-1B visa, H-2A visa, H-2B visa, L1 visa, O-2 visa, O-1B visa, O-1A visa etc.

Can A Foreign truck driver Apply for a US visa?

YES. A foreign truck driver applies for USA Visa under the H-2B visa category. However, the US truck companies use the H-2B visa to hire foreign commercial truck drivers. The US H-2B visa category helps U.S. employers overcome shortages of U.S. workers who are not willing and able to perform nonagricultural labor.

How can I get a truck job in USA?

To become a commercial truck driver in the US, firstly, you need to be over the age of 21 (or 18 if staying in-state). You also need to go to a truck driving school and pass a test in order to earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Once you have these basic requirements, you can start applying for trucking jobs.

How much a truck driver earns in USA?

The average truck driver’s salary in the USA is around $60,157 per year or $30.85 per hour. However, the entry-level positions start at around $45,727 per year while most experienced workers make up to $84,970 per year

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