Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada – APPLY NOW

Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada has been one of the trending searches on Google. A lot of truck drivers seek to move over to Canada to start a living but have no funds to Support their visas. However, instead of folding arms, most of them decide to hunt for free visa trucking driver jobs.

However, this work visa sponsorship program has helped many Foreigners immigrate to abroad to continue their careers. So, if you have outstanding Skills in truck driving and you seek to move to Ca, through Employment visa Sponsorship, this article is for you.

Read on, to discover the truck driver jobs description, requirements, step by step guide on how to apply for a free visa Trucking driver job in CA.

Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada - APPLY NOW
Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada – APPLY NOW

Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada

Canada has lots of Trucking Transportation Companies. And most of these Canadian trucking companies are currently hiring truck drivers within and outside the country. And most companies are also willing to sponsor Foreigners work visas. Which is a great opportunity for Foreign truck drivers to participate in the job application and stand chance to get a free visa truck driving job in ca.

Moreover, the Canadian government has also been in support of all these development as they provide qualified foreign employees who want to work as truck drivers in the country with work visas.

Who is a Truck Driver in Canada?

A Truck Driver is someone who transports items from one location to another using Truck. Their major duty is transporting goods and serving other similar purposes.

However, truck driving jobs abroad include permanent, full-time, overtime, weekend, day, night, and evening works.

Truck Driving Job Requirements in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Check out the following requirements for getting a truck driver job abroad

  • Have a secondary school diploma. Though it is preferred but not essential for this particular position.
  • Have heavy-duty driving expertise, though not essential.
  • Ability to communicate in basic English.
  • Have Certificates, Licenses, memberships, courses, etc.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license (Class 1 or A) and the Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.
  • Candidates must be legally permitted to work in Canada
  • Be willing to operate in a two-person team to drive long-haul trucks.

These are basic requirements you need as a truck driver.

Security requirements and truck equipment

These driving truck jobs require a basic security clearance, criminal background checks, driving record checks (abstract), medical examinations, and drug tests.

Types of Trucking and Equipment are as follows; Tractor-trailer, Flatbed, Refrigerated, Highway, Straight truck (4,600kg+ or 10,000lbs+ with 3+ axles).

Basic Skills of a Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

The following are basic skills a truck driver should have;

  • Be able to operate and drive straight or articulated trucks for the transportation of products and supplies.
  • Load and unload Cargo
  • To guarantee cargo safety and security
  • planning trip routes and schedules.
  • Have Knowledge on how to use atlases and other planning tools to help you plan your journey.
  • To receive information and relay it to the central dispatcher.
  • Have knowledge of driving in a convoy or as part of a two-person squad.
  • Should know how to examine the vehicle’s condition and inspect the tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other equipment.

These are the qualities and skills of a truck driver.

Finding Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada

To start the journey of hunting for a truck driver job with a work visa Sponsorship, you will need to find the driving truck job that suits you. However to find a suitable driving job overseas, with the internet you will get access to hundreds of available truck driving jobs abroad, including driving jobs in Canada. So, from the job website, you can find Jobs for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

How to Apply for Free Visa Truck Driving Jobs in Canada 2022

To find available truck driver jobs in Canada Follow the steps below;

  • Visit indeed
  • On Canadian Job portal, you will see available truck driver jobs.
  • Find the trucking company that offers free visa Sponsorship to Foreign workers
  • Then apply and forward all required documents

Once you pass through the interview process and you are qualified, the Employer will issue you a job offer. Then direct you on how to apply for a Canadian work visa.

Salaries for Truck Drivers in Canada

The average heavy truck driver salary in CA is around $43,485 per year or $22.30 per hour. While Entry-level positions start at around $37,050 per year, although most experienced workers make up to $58,153 per year.

Canadian Work Visa for Truck Drivers

To reside in Canada as a foreign national, most time, you need to find a job to work there first, which requires a Canadian work visa. Although getting a job before you move to Canada is not always a requirement, it does help you to appear more qualified for a visa, as it shows that you can contribute to the Canadian economy.

Types of Canadian Work Visas for Foreigners

Types of Canadian work visas are as follows;

The International Mobility Program (IMP)

The IMP was created to help Canadian employers employ skilled international workers on a temporary or permanent basis without the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

However, this program was also designed to fill Canada’s labor market needs, which gives the opportunity for foreign nationals to get jobs in Canada. This includes temporary and permanent jobs at every skill level.

Further, the International Mobility Programs (IMPs) include:

  • The post-graduate work permit program
  • Reciprocal Youth Change Agreements
  • International Free Trade Agreements
  • Intra-Company Transfer Program
  • Bridging Open-Work Permit
  • Circumstances of Social or Cultural Benefit to Canada

So, to apply for the IMP, you need a Canadian job offer, apply for a work permit, and a travel visa to enter Canada.

Working Holiday Visa (IEC)

The working holiday visa forms a part of the International Experience Class (IEC), which lets you have the opportunity to live in Canada and work part-time while traveling the country. This temporary work visa can last between 12 to 24 months. Though it depends on your country of residence.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

This type of work visa program was designed for Canadian employers to hire foreign national skilled workers for a variety of jobs in Canada.

The important aspect of the application process for the TFWP is to apply for an LMIA because there were not any Canadian residents available to apply for the job position. Due to this reason, Canadian employers often need to hire foreign nationals through this program.

So, to qualify for this program, an applicant must submit a copy of the LMIA with their work permit application. If your potential Canadian employer does not want an LMIA, you can apply for a work visa through the International Mobility Program (IMP).

The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP)

The PGWP helps international students that have completed a qualification from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) to live and work in ca. As an international student under the PGWP in Ca, you can receive an open-work permit. It will allow you to work either part-time or full-time for a Canadian employer.

However, foreign students that find employment in any occupation classified as highly skilled or under the NOC 0, A, or B types will be qualified to claim Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points if they apply through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

What are the top Provincial Programs in Canada for Truck Driver Jobs With Visa Sponsorship?

Here is the list of the leading programs to find a truck driver job with visa sponsorship in Canada:

  • British Columbia provincial program for truck drivers in Canada. For more info click on this link immigration
  • Quebec program for truck drivers. Access the Quebec website at immigration
  • Ontario program. You can learn about this program by hitting the link below immigration

Does Canada hire foreign truck drivers?

Yes, Canadian employers can hire foreign truck drivers. The employers should apply to the federal Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process in order to hire international truck drivers as Temporary Foreign Workers.

Is there a demand for truck drivers in Canada?

Trucking in Canada is in High Demand. Since the year 2021, there has been a trucker shortage, and employers can’t hire fast enough. So, according to Trucking HR Canada, it’s expected that Canada will need to hire over 17,000 new truck drivers yearly up until 2025.

Is it easy to get a truck driver job in Canada?

It is easier to get a truck driving job in Canada nowadays, due to the growing number of vacancies in the workforce.

Can I migrate to Canada as a truck driver?

Yes, You Can! Transport truck drivers are on the Canadian NOC List under code 7511 and are qualified to move to Canada. Transport drivers are still in demand in ca, despite the number of transport truck drivers migrating to Canada over the past few years.

What is the age limit for truck drivers in Canada?

The age limit if a truck driver job in Canada is 18 years.

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