Activate | Activate gift card vanilla

Did you purchase a gift card at and wish to Activate it? In most cases, people usually buy gift cards as gifts for someone special. The idea is that it saves them the stress of thinking about what that special someone is going to like or not. It’s actually a means of gifting money without gifting money. Simply put, it gives your loved ones the choice of having to pick a gift for themselves. Activate

When it comes to occasions for gifting, it is usually endless. It could be birthday parties, wedding occasions, anniversaries and so on. simply provides a means to buy gift cards for these various occasions. However, after buying the gift card, you have to confirm if is it activated or not.

How do I Activate my Vanilla Gift Card

If you purchased your card from, the chances are that it has already been activated. You can activate your vanilla gift card by calling the toll free number inscribed on the back of the card. Once the call has been connected, simply make your request known.

If your card isn’t already activated and you place a call to the toll free number at the back of your card, you will be required to provide the following information.

  • Card number
  • valid thru date
  • and security code located on the back of your Card

It is advisable you do sign your name at the back of your card and store this information in preparation in case your card gets stolen.

Where can I Use my Vanilla Gift Card?

Your vanilla gift card can be used anywhere the visa logo is displayed within the United States or the Disctrict of Columbia. Take note however that the card may not work if you want to make use of it for recurring billings or at ATMs.

How Do I Check My Vanilla Gift Card Balance

If you received a Vanilla gift card, it is important you chack the balance so you know exactly how much items you can buy with the card. Simply visit and provide your card number, expiration date and CVV to show your balance.

Customer Care Line

You should be aware of scammer when it comes to contacting vanilla gift card customer care line. It is advisable you place a call only to the official channels (the toll free number inscribed on the back of your card).